Management of Business and Technology


Studying a degree in Business Administration is an excellent gateway to the world of work, but nowadays you’ll need to go a little further.

La Salle’s Degree in Management of Business and Technology is not just any old Business Administration degree. Our course is a bilingual programme with an international focus. You’ll be studying with classmates from around the world and can choose to take some or all of the subjects in English. You’ll spend a semester abroad and go on internships working on business projects in the technology sector, the sector with the best career prospects, all while collaborating with your peers from other degree programmes, working together just like you will be expected to do in the world of work.


¿Qué te aportarán estos estudios?


  • Technology: Technology is rapidly transforming companies, economies and our societies. This is why it is our conviction that business students must understand the importance of technology, and how to manage it, if they want to pursue new opportunities. 
  • Internationality: At La Salle, we understand that students should have international experiences in order to grow as a person: this is why we offer you a series of opportunities (stays in Shanghai and San Francisco and the United Nations model project in New York) that will allow you to study different programmes in London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Australia, China and Latin America.
  • 100% in English or bilingual: the programme can be taken 100% in English or as a bilingual programme (Spanish-English) with native teachers. Classes in English and Spanish are incorporated to meet the demands of the job market, where fluency in several languages is essential.
  • Learning by Challenge: The theory learned is constantly applied to real-life practical cases: management cases, projects with companies, business simulations, problem solving, etc. You will also analyse existing theories to develop a deep understanding of the business world.
  • Specialise with a minor of your choice: the course programme offers minors in: Digital Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Economy and Sports Management, which will help you to specialise from the 2nd year onwards in the field that interests you the most.
  • Innovation and creativity: students are encouraged to develop innovative and creative solutions to the contemporary problems faced when developing management skills and offering a service to the community, through curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • La Salle Technova Innovation Park Barcelona: Technova is an Innovation Park located on the Campus, where we offer services for start-ups to help them develop their business. As a student, you’ll also be able to take part in this process.

¿Para qué te preparan?

The Bachelor Degree in Management of Business and Technology will provide students with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to understand the modern World of business, preparing them for a future of professional success.

The aim is to offer students a setting for analysis, in order to be able to conceive the World and solve problems- independently of the industry, career or country they come from or where they are. The Program specifically involves:

  • Understanding of the contemporary business environment.
  • Appreciation of the role of business in society.
  • Knowledge and experience of cross-cultural differences.
  • Development of research techniques and analytical evaluative skills in multi-disciplinary fields.
  • Enhancement of interpersonal skills and teamwork abilities.
  • Practical experience in the working world and networking opportunities.
  • The chance to study in another country.

You can specialize in:

  • Digital Marketing

Digitalization has transformed marketing. The growth of the web, mobile communications and social networks are changing consumer behavior.

Companies must develop new marketing strategies and actions that respond to this reality. In this specialization students are provided with the tools and knowhow to become digital marketers working across multiple channels with multimedia content, combining online and offline actions to deliver compelling brand experiences.

  • Digital entrepreneurship

Starting up own business in an attractive option for many students. To identify an opportunity, transform an idea to aa viable business requires knowledge, experience and abilities. This specialization helps students explore their entrepreneurial potential, shows step-by-step how to build a business and enables students to experiment and obtain feedback as part of our supportive ecosystem. Work on real projects with startups, collaborate with our entrepreneurs at Technova Barcelona and unleash your creativity and imagination.

  • Digital Economy

Accelerated digitalization has transformed our economies and the socio-political context in which they exist. New forms of economic exchange have emerged and spread on a global scale, affecting consumption patterns, modes of production and distribution, international trade, financial transactions among others. Innovation is required in all spheres, including economics. In the specialization we encourage students to think critically and innovatively about the current future management of a digital global economy,

  • Sports Management

The sports industry is one of the most dynamic, innovative industries in our economy. Its unique nature require management by professionals, experts with an in-depth understanding of the actors that form the industry – clubs, leagues, federations, sponsors, media and agents. In this specialization students learn about sports marketing, event and facility management, sports media and PR and go every year on a study tour to London to learn more about the international potential this industry has.


¿A quién va dirigido?

This Degree in Management of Business and Technology is a programme that provides students with a solid grounding in the knowledge and skills required by today's global, technologically sophisticated business world.

Upon completing this degree programme, you’ll be ready to take your place as part of a new generation of managers. You will be in a solid position to:

  • Know how to apply your extensive knowledge to your job or vocation in a professional way, while having the skills necessary to develop, maintain and defend your thinking and solve problems within your area of expertise.
  • Collect and interpret relevant data in order to make judgements that include reflection on relevant social, scientific or ethical issues. 
  • Transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialist and non-specialist audiences. 
  • Develop the learning skills you need to undertake further studies with a high degree of autonomy.

You will be able to specialise by taking the following minors: 

  • Digital Marketing: With this specialisation, you’ll be able to work as a Marketing specialist, with a global and strategic vision in online media. You’ll be an expert in the use of digital media to define strategies and marketing plans that incorporate a range of internet channels such as social networks, websites, online radios, video and television platforms, smartphone apps, and more.


  • Digital Entrepreneurship: You’ll develop the entrepreneurial skills you need to identify and assess new business opportunities, with a global vision that will allow you to plan and execute all phases of the creation of a business in contexts of extreme uncertainty. By working with innovative methodologies alongside entrepreneurs, we’ll help you to evolve your imagination, creativity, openness to experimentation and values, among others.


  • Digital Economy: The digital economy has defined a new socio-political and economic system and will be at the root of economic growth in the decades to come. With this minor, you’ll be trained in microeconomics, macroeconomics, theory of Organisation and Administration, with a strongly international, cutting-edge approach that will also allow you to foresee the impact of the digital economy in decisions affecting location, size, organisational structure and relationships with other companies, as well as the structure of the market, the politics of pricing, etc.


  • Sports Management: Sports are a unique and complex sector that needs a differential management style. Sports organisations and the industry as a whole have some of the greatest economic potential internationally, and there is a shortage of professionals specialising in sports management. With this minor, you’ll be well prepared to head up national and international projects at organisations, clubs, entities and companies in the sports sector, as well as being able to manage major sporting events.


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